Are you fighting your disease?

Perspective is everything.   Consider if you are fighting the disease that you are fighting yourself because the disease is part of you.  The more you fight, the more stress, the less possibility of healing. Rather than fighting the disease consider approaching it with curiosity to understand why it has shown up and what it might be trying to tell you.

Whom or what are you fighting?  Ask yourself – are you blaming others or your circumstances?  are you blaming your body?  are you blaming yourself because of lifestyle sins you think you have made?  Blaming, complaining, fighting are all energy drains and add stress and do not provide the necessary self-reflection that can move you toward understanding and solutions.  Do whatever you can, as quickly as you can, to let go of these non-helpful reactions.

The disease is what it is.  First step is to recognize it as your reality for the moment, that it has shown up for a reason.  Be willing to take ‘response-ability’ for it showing up – not that you are at fault or have done anything wrong but rather that it is the outcome of an unconsciously held pattern of stress or program of belief.

Consider that the disease is a valuable, even life-saving, sign of where your life is out of balance and needs attention and correction.  With that perspective you can be most appreciative and grateful that the disease has shown up – bizarre as that may be to you.   It is giving you a chance to sort out your life and gain a level of self-awareness for greater health and well-being.

Many diseases are scary – such as cancer, MS among others – because they are viewed as progressive and potentially fatal.   Actually all diseases are dynamic events that can progress and regress depending on the energy that drives them – whether stress (fear, guilt, anger, feeling betrayed, self-depreciation) or harmony (forgiveness, love, compassion, self-appreciation, gratitude, peace).

Your journey along the path to healing is your path but you do not need to take it alone.  There are many people who can support you, give you guidance, help you when you stray from the path or feel lost and encourage you to find your inner resources for healing.   Remember we are all our own healer and the power in our lives for health and joy.


Want to use this article in your ezine or website? You can, as long as you include this complete acknowledgment with it – Dr. Nelie Johnson is a family physician and facilitator for healing – inspiring and guiding people to heal their life and heal their body. She is a contributing author to a bestselling book and provides seminars, workshops, and private consultations.