Key Step to Breaking the Fear Cycle

“ When you feel helpless, you’re far more afraid than you would be if you knew the facts.  If you’re not sure what to be alarmed about, everything is alarming. ”

 Quote from Chris Hadfield’s book – “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life” 

The key to getting a handle on fear is get knowledge, get the facts.  However, not only the medical ‘facts’ (to be explored in a future post) but far more importantly the facts about your inner life experience that will reveal to you the thoughts, emotions and beliefs linked to the illness or disease. [Read more...]

Fear Comes From Not Knowing What to Expect

 “ … fear comes from not knowing what to expect and not feeling you have any control over what’s about to happen (or what is imagined could happen – my words)

Quote from Chris Hadfield’s book – “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life”  

This is a brilliant exposure of the nature of fear.  The key elements are 1) not knowing, and thereby 2) not feeling in control over what could happen and 3) imagining.  With people I meet who have received a diagnosis of cancer or other serious condition, there are all these elements.  [Read more...]

February – Appreciating Your Family and Friends

I hope you are enjoying a great start to 2015 and your year is progressing in ways that are fulfilling and happy for you.

I think of February as time to appreciate the love of family and friends and of partners and companions.   In this month’s article I highlight the influence of family and the powerful healing that can occur with understanding of ourselves in relationship.

In the last month I have been active giving talks – “How to Develop a Healing Mindset to Meet Your Health and Life Challenges” .  If you missed the live talks in January,  I am giving the same talk as a tele-seminar on Monday, February 16th at 7 PM -  click here for details and registration. [Read more...]

The Many Gifts of Healing

Whenever most of us think of healing we think of the health and well-being of the person who heals from an illness and perhaps the relief for his/her family and friends and community. However, there are other surprising gifts of healing.

Here’s an example of what I mean. I worked with a patient, ‘ Jennifer’, who had suffered the pain, low energy and mood, and poor sleep of fibromyalgia for many years. I helped her to uncover and clear the deep underlying conflicts that were holding her in the disease state. Within a few months she was able to make shifts in her beliefs and her perspective of herself. As Jennifer healed emotionally, her physical health was restored.

However, that was just the beginning, for as she healed in mind and spirit, her interactions with her family changed. She was able to speak up and clear unspoken resentments and hurts that had been keeping her apart from family members. As she opened up communication, she paved the way for other family members to do the same. She created a climate of forgiveness and reconnection. As she restored these relationships, her family as a whole benefited. [Read more...]

Healing is the Natural Drive of the Body

Do you realize that given the chance, your body favours healing?

Healing Drive of Body

We tend to take this for granted.  We don’t fret about getting a minor cut or graze.  We expect the wound to dry up, scab over and heal within a week or two.  If we fracture a bone, we trust that it will heal provided the broken ends of bone are held together with either a cast or a surgical procedure.

Why then if the body is so good at healing does it not occur more often?  What gets in the way of the body’s natural tendency to heal?

Simple as it may seem, the chief obstacle that prevents healing is stress.   When we are in ongoing states of frustration, worry, overwhelm, anger and other ‘not feel good’ emotions, the body produces cortisol, adrenalin and other hormones that retard or prevent the healing response.

However, there are also hidden stresses of which we we are not aware that contribute to illness, disease and unhappiness.  (watch for more tips coming up)

Do you know that you are your own 1st resource for your health and healing?

Yes, Medicine provides life-saving emergency care and medical treatments to sustain your survival and improve physical health.  However, despite its many strengths in diagnosis and urgent interventions, Medicine can’t do it all.  The quality of your health and life largely depends on you.

If you put all your reliance on Medicine to fix and support you, you will not only expose yourself to risks of these treatments and interventions – side effects and allergic reactions being the most common risks – you will deny yourself the benefits of your own participation in taking care of yourself.

If you truly want the best health possible – that is energy, vitality, joy and happiness – you have to contribute to create it.  Sorry, there is no sure fire pill for it.  Ultimately your health depends on the choices you make – not only lifestyle choices but even more importantly choices of your thoughts, beliefs and how you want to feel.

The good news is that we all have the ability to become the power in our life for health and joy.  It begins with desire and belief that it is possible and some basic knowledge and self-healing tools.  (Stay tuned.)

If you want to hear more, please attend one of my complimentary talks later this month called – “How to Develop a Healing Mindset to Meet Your Health Challenges”.   Please sign up online for one of these sessions Jan 27 in Vancouver & Jan 29 in Langley.

New Year With Promise of Good Health, the Fulfillment of Dreams, and Happy Times

I am delighted to send you my first newsletter of 2015.  I trust you have had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  We didn’t have a white Christmas here on the west coast but we did have some brilliant sunny days for walks and outings.

I hope you are excited and looking forward to the New Year with promise of good health, the fulfillment of dreams, and happy times.  The article this month is based on a Ted talk I watched on New Year’s Day and is a wonderful invitation to reflect on happiness.   I hope you will feel as inspired by this young man’s talk as I have been.

I am excited about the forward direction that I am taking this year with sharing my message of healing.  As mentioned in the November newsletter I am giving complimentary talks later this month – “How to Develop a Healing Mindset to Meet Your Health Challenges”.   Please sign up online for one of these sessions Jan 27 & Jan 29 and pass along the info to others you know may benefit.  Be sure to ask them to register online as well. [Read more...]

What Will Make This a ‘Happy’ New Year for You?

My inspiration for this article comes from a TED talk that I happened to view on New Year’s Day given by a wise 17 year old young man, Sam Berns.

Sam has an exceedingly rare genetic disorder, progeria, which involves an abnormal protein causing accelerated aging – stunted growth, tight skin, lack of hair and heart disease.  He has the appearance of a skinny gnome and weighs not much more than 50 pounds and despite his bizarre look he has a smile and a spirit that lights up an auditorium.

San Berns

What Sam says is the most important thing he wants us to know about him is simply that he lives a very happy a life.  In his TED talk, sitting in a small chair on stage in front of a full audience so his feet can rest on the stage floor, he shares the three aspects of his philosophy of happiness. [Read more...]

Italian Adventure

Greetings once again.  I do hope you are keeping well.  I returned from my Italy adventure in early October and had a thoroughly delightful time.  I have remained in the glow of that holiday for awhile and am gradually getting into the flow of activities here.

Italy is a fascinating and beautiful country.  My friend and I began our tour in Venice – a magical city that literally floats on water, connected by canals and where there are almost more boats than people.

Grand Canal Venice Grand Canal, Venice

From there we explored the mountain area of the Dolomites in the north east, Milan and Lake Como, the scenic and charming seaside and cliff clinging villages of the Italian Riviera – Portofino, the five villages of Cinque Terre – Tuscany with its fortified medieval hilltop towns, the cities of Sienna and Florence with their riches of Renaissance art and architecture.  My summer climbing experience really helped me take on the 300 to 400 and more steps of city tours and cathedral domes.   I would love to take you on journey with me through my pictures.


In the Dolomites

In the Dolomites

Vernnaza and coastline of Cinque Terre

Vernnaza and coastline of Cinque Terre

We are now entering the Christmas season and all its activities.   For me it is a special time to appreciate family and friends and all my blessings, big and small.  I was blessed recently with a brief phone conversation with my elderly mother which I share in the article “My Mother’s Wisdom” in this newsletter.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks.  Check in Upcoming Events and save some dates for seminars in January and watch for more details of workshop in February.

My Mother’s Wisdom

I phoned my mother one morning last week to thank her for being present at my 65th birthday dinner.  My mother was a very independent and energetic woman into her late 80’s early 90’s.   She is now 95 years old.

However, in the last two years her memory had been slipping and she had become no longer able to safely care for herself in her own home.  She has been a residential care facility for over a year where the staff make her feel part of a family.

In recent months, she has been more likely to become upset, erratic in her reactions, and confused when stressed.  So along with my two brothers and the care home staff we have agreed that Mom be always accompanied when she goes out for a walk using her walker.  It has been difficult for her to accept this restriction to her freedom and independence.

Her most coherent times are in the morning – a good time to make a phone call.  Let me share some of our conversation from that call last week (with my mother’s blessing).

“ I feel so blessed.  I am so happy that we could be all together at your birthday.  It was special.  I think of you children a lot and I feel so blessed. ”  Then she went on to say:

“ I am much more positive in my thinking.  Strange that it is so. ”

When I asked her what she was thinking, her reply was:  “ I don’t know.  It can’t be said but you can feel it. ”  I responded saying how wise her comment was.  Feeling truly is the key.

Being confined indoors, she sits in her room a lot and she shared with me how fortunate she feels to have a room with a view.  She looks out over trees.  Her next comment was:  “ Looking out on the trees gives me such a good feeling.  I am almost in the woods here. ”  I was quite moved and astonished at this shift in her perspective because for the previous months Mom has done nothing but complain about not being free to go out for her little walks outside on her own.

She went on to say how much she admired me for the work I am doing and that I was a strong woman.  My reply to her was how much she gave me strength with her wisdom and her love.  I told her I loved her so much.  She told me that her love was “ so much bigger than words could say.  Can’t say what it is but I can feel it. ”

As we said our goodbyes she said to me “ Make it a lovely day. ”  Truly it is my choice to make it so.  I felt so blessed to receive this wisdom from my mother who at her advanced age is continuing to grow in love and grace, and appreciation for all her blessings.

This conversation with my mother was reminder that how I want to feel is my choice.  In order to make that choice at times I have to make sure my thoughts and beliefs support how I want to feel.

Want to use this article in your ezine or website? You can, as long as you include this complete acknowledgment with it -  Dr. Nelie Johnson is a family physician and facilitator for healing – inspiring and guiding people to heal their life and heal their body.  She is a contributing author to a bestselling book and provides seminars, workshops, and private consultations.