Private Consultations

To help you understand the benefits of Awareness Heals and to gently guide you towards the breakthroughs that promote healing, Dr. Nelie Johnson offers private consultations.

To maximize the benefits of your private consultation, it is highly recommended that you attend an  introductory seminar or talk.  (Check under the Speaking tab for schedule of these events.)

Dr. Johnson first facilitates a greater understanding of your health condition, then helps you uncover the event or pattern of events that are at the source of the condition.

A variety of tools and processes are used to reveal the deeper roots that impact your condition -   for example:  the life timeline to  identify significant life events and the family tree to reveal influences of the previous two or three generations.

The resolution of unconsciously held conflicts  brings about significant and transformative healing breakthroughs.

As you reveal the emotional aspect of your life story, you become your own healer. Healing your life deserves your commitment and attention. It is both your responsibility and your gift to yourself.

Often initial healing shifts may occur during the private consultation, but more often the real work of healing occurs in the privacy of your home as you gain valuable insights and sudden epiphanies—the “Aha!” moments. Remember, awareness heals.

Telephone or Skype consultations are available in both French and English.

You may register for a complimentary 20 to 30 minutes phone consultation below.  The purpose of this first contact is to assess your needs and determine how best Dr. Johnson can work with you.

Complimentary  Discovery Call

Prior to booking your complimentary discovery call,  please fill in this Discovery Questionnaire.