Do you know that you are your own 1st resource for your health and healing?

Yes, Medicine provides life-saving emergency care and medical treatments to sustain your survival and improve physical health.  However, despite its many strengths in diagnosis and urgent interventions, Medicine can’t do it all.  The quality of your health and life largely depends on you.

If you put all your reliance on Medicine to fix and support you, you will not only expose yourself to risks of these treatments and interventions – side effects and allergic reactions being the most common risks – you will deny yourself the benefits of your own participation in taking care of yourself.

If you truly want the best health possible – that is energy, vitality, joy and happiness – you have to contribute to create it.  Sorry, there is no sure fire pill for it.  Ultimately your health depends on the choices you make – not only lifestyle choices but even more importantly choices of your thoughts, beliefs and how you want to feel.

The good news is that we all have the ability to become the power in our life for health and joy.  It begins with desire and belief that it is possible and some basic knowledge and self-healing tools.  (Stay tuned.)

If you want to hear more, please attend one of my complimentary talks later this month called – “How to Develop a Healing Mindset to Meet Your Health Challenges”.   Please sign up online for one of these sessions Jan 27 in Vancouver & Jan 29 in Langley.