Getting the message out there

I am excited to pass along news that my chapter in which I share some of my story and my message of healing is coming out with the launch of the WOW book on March 1st!

I am very pleased with my chapter and really pleased with the book. There is something for everyone – 15 powerful and inspiring stories written by 15 women entrepreneurs and change makers sharing part of their journey toward their success and contributions. Several of the chapters cover aspects of healing and other topics include fitness, nutrition, interior design, business and travel. It’s a great book to gift to a friend.

Woman of Worth Book
To take part in the Amazon launch on March 1st for those on Facebook it’s easy. Simply click below:

… and mark yourself as ‘going’ or ‘interested’ on the event page (it’s online so you can be anywhere in the world) to receive the custom link on March 1st -
1) to order the book(s) at the lowest price.
2) to help us become #1 best seller
…and receive a FREE gift in appreciation of your support.

Also you will be supporting women get a hand-up, because 100% of royalties are going to the Woman Of Worth Foundation to educate and empower women.

Again CLICK on ‘interested’ or ‘going’ on the facebook event page.
Please SHARE the page with others in your family and network.
Then WATCH for the custom Amazon link to purchase the book, as many as you want, online at the lowest price on March 1st.

For those not on Facebook, I’ll post here the link on March 1st.

Thank you for your support for not only the book but also for helping me get my message of healing out into the world.