Are you, or someone you love, feeling stressed, out of control, even panic, with a diagnosis of breast cancer?
Are you suffering from poor sleep and worry for the future?

Are you asking yourself - "what can I do to get through this and get well again?"


Perhaps you have:

It is possible for you to:

I am Dr. Nelie Johnson and I have been a family physician for over 30 years. Some 20 years ago I realized that there had to be more to treating disease than treating the physical.

There was a whole disease - the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well as the physical.

I discovered that when we look at disease as a whole, many more options open up.

When we really use what we know about ourselves - life events we experienced and their impact - we discover keys to healing our life.

I discovered that when I helped my patients heal their life, they healed physically.

I have prepared a 45-minute DVD to help women, and men, and their families respond to breast cancer.


'It's Time to Heal Breast Cancer -
going from surviving to healing'


In this DVD you will:


Sandra, Vancouver, BC - ductal cancer diagnosed in January 2010 – had lumpectomy only. Declined radiation and chemotherapy and did not tolerate estrogen blockers. Medical exams show she is cancer free.

"I felt like Oh, my God, maybe I haven't been given a death sentence.

I was in shock, trying to understand something I couldn't understand. (With this information) you gave me a whole different perspective, which allowed me the possibility of healing rather than see it (cancer) as this horrid thing. At first, it felt like I'd fallen into a deep dark hole and you brought light there.You gave me a different perspective and tools to help me start working through and with my fears and incredible stress and to remember that my body is not the enemy. You revealed to me what my body was trying to tell me and how I could understand its message. You held a space for me to help me hear my own voice and regain some balance getting past the first terrifying weeks after this diagnosis."


Marg H.,Paradise Valley, BC - diagnosed with locally advanced inflammatory breast cancer (a form of ductal breast cancer – considered by Medicine to be very invasive and aggressive) in November 2007. Had maximum dosage of chemotherapy, a mastectomy of the left breast and intensified radiation therapy, as well as surgical removal of lymph nodes, and year of Herceptin therapy until February 2009. Told there was a 50% chance the cancer could recur within 2 years. Medical exams clear to date. She has good energy, vitality and feels well.


"Being able to put it(cancer) in perspective in a different way, helped me to see that I didn't need to be haunted by the data and statistics. I really appreciated that my cancer had an emotional base to it and once that was gone, it (the cancer)would be gone. It didn't have to be that I would always have it, it could be gone. (This knowledge) helped me to be at peace."

(What would you say to other women with breast cancer?) "Remember there are many more parts to cancer than the medical facts. Be sure to pay attention to the emotional factors that are at play. Take care of yourself on a spiritual and emotional level, and get support in talking your emotions out and uncovering their source."

2/3 of this DVD is general information that can apply to any disease so this is not only for those affected by breast cancer.



Is breast cancer limiting your life?
Don't stay in fear any longer.
Find out what you can do to help yourself.


Gift yourself with this DVD and start healing your life and the disease.

It's Time to Heal
Here's to healing breast cancer now,

Nelie Johnson MD

PS Please pass this message along to family, friends and others. It could save a life.

Nelie Johnson MD

I want to help people move out of fear to feeling empowered to contribute to their own healing.

- Nelie Johnson