I’m back and sharing inspiration…

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Greetings readers and followers, I am back after 2 years taking time out to play, travel, relax and reflect. I travelled throughout BC and in Quebec for the fall colours. I toured some of central Europe in 2017 – the big cities of Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Krakow and Warsaw, Vienna and Munich and did a road trip through Bavaria. I shared a perfectly delightful two weeks in Newfoundland in July last year too with three friends. Locally I have been active hiking into some spectacular mountain areas – Mt Baker, Manning Park and Whistler – along with some snowshoeing and skiing as well.

I feel more grounded and very clear about my message and what I desire to pass on to others for their better health and happiness. In recent months I have been writing – first a powerful 10 page chapter for a book coming out in early March! I am one of 15 passionate and powerful women contributing to the book, many of whom are healers. Please watch for notices about the launch and I hope you will support the launch.

And I am excited to be deep into writing my own full book on healing. More about that in the coming months. I have also started giving talks to groups, in particular a meetup group in Vancouver called Be Your Personal Best.

I want to thank you for patiently waiting for me to show up, for staying on my list and especially for the several who have stayed in contact with me for your encouragement. I feel restored and am ready to share what I can with those who are ready to hear the message.