Inspirations for Healing – Change your perspective

Here are the closing lines from the previous Inspirations for Healing article – From Fear to Acceptance – …much of your fear is the result of lack of knowledge of what is possible. Fear is a call to explore what is possible.

I ask you to set aside your fear, even a little, by not focusing on it so much. Now bring your attention to finding out more about disease. To do so you need to be willing to look at things differently.

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Focusing on your physical diagnosis and viewing it as a disaster will keep you from seeking to know more and being open to solutions. Importantly if you see the disease as only physical you are missing the whole disease – its mental, emotional and spiritual roots. To use an analogy, you’ll be fixed on the tip of the iceberg and miss the bulk that lies below the surface.

Your diagnosis is the ‘what’ – what has happened. The question you need to ask is ‘why’ or ‘what for’. “ Why is this cancer or life-threatening illness showing up in my life at this time? What is the meaning of it? “

From over 20 years of my own search for answers to these questions for myself and for my patients, I have learned and witnessed many times over that disease such as cancer shows up for a reason and has a purpose. It is the natural response of the brain/body to manage or contain a pattern of stress which is a determined to be a risk to survival of the whole individual.

You may well ask “how can cancer that is threatening my life be a way for the brain/body to ensure my survival?” Actually the cancer is minimizing the threat to your survival in the short term at the risk to your survival in the longer term. It is containing the impact of the stress in only one organ or small area of the body and allowing for the rest of the brain/body to function normally for much longer than if the stress overwhelmed the whole. With this strategy, running the cancer, you are given time and the best possible function of your brain and body to come up with a solution to the stress.

Disease is in reality your brain/body’s ultimate survival mechanism to keep your brain/body functioning as well as possible for as long as possible, giving you the best chance to sort things out. The disease is doing whatever it can to serve you. Further It is giving you a message or clues to what deeply ails you at a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. For every illness or disease, there can be found a core emotional stress or conflict that is at its source.

Along with medical and additional alternative treatments you may be doing, the disease is a sign for you to do the deeper emotional work to fully heal.

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