Inspirations for Healing – From Fear to Acceptance

I have been giving a lot of thought to what people most need to hear from me to support them with their health concerns. As I was hiking last Sunday along a forested trail, in Nature’s quiet, ideas surfaced. After the hoopla and excitement of the book launch (more about the event below), it was time to settle into sharing more of my message about healing. I plan to do so over a series of blog articles, this being the first one.

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The first response to learning of a diagnosis of serious illness or disease, is naturally shock, stress, fear and even panic. It is important to acknowledge your fears. Talking them out with a compassionate listener or writing them out can help to separate yourself enough to move beyond your fears a little. Your fears are for a future that does not have to happen. As much as possible stay present and focused on your current condition, what is happening in the now, for that is what is real.

I like the word inspiration. Taking the root word ‘inspire’, it’s first meaning is to breathe in, so despite any fear or panic arising, your best next response is to pause and breathe – slow and deep. This allows you to calm your fears and brings more oxygen to your brain to think more clearly.

Then what will support you is an attitude of acceptance – acceptance of where you are at, of what your reality is for now. Let me be clear, this is not acceptance of the prognosis or any projected negative future. Your future will depend on how you respond to the present.

Wishing things were different, resisting the reality or fighting it only fuels the problem and creates more stress. You may have heard the phrase “what you resist persists”. In other words, as you put energy into pushing against your present reality, you are depleting yourself of energy to put toward finding solutions.

For sure fear is a natural response to hearing of a challenging diagnosis. However, much of your fear is the result of lack of knowledge of what is possible. Fear is a call to explore what is possible. Calm, clear thinking will help you explore possibilities.

Keep a watch for other articles in this series – Inspirations for Healing.

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