Key Step to Breaking the Fear Cycle

“ When you feel helpless, you’re far more afraid than you would be if you knew the facts.  If you’re not sure what to be alarmed about, everything is alarming. ”

 Quote from Chris Hadfield’s book – “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life” 

The key to getting a handle on fear is get knowledge, get the facts.  However, not only the medical ‘facts’ (to be explored in a future post) but far more importantly the facts about your inner life experience that will reveal to you the thoughts, emotions and beliefs linked to the illness or disease.

This is self-knowledge.  Self-knowledge gives you a sense of why you are sick and a direction for self-healing.  You will discover you do have control – control of how you respond to the diagnosis, how you are going to select a course of treatment, and how you use your self-knowingness to help yourself to heal.  You are the power in your life for health and joy.