Meet Nelie

Thank you so much for coming to meet me.  I am very glad you are here.

  • You may be in fear or distress with a serious disease or illness or you may have a very real concern about getting ill.
  • Perhaps you have a family member or friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer and you want to find out whatever you can to help him/her.
  • You may be a seeker of truth and asking ‘why do people get sick and how can they heal?’

I have been a family physician for over 30 years and have been asking myself the same questions, and began actively searching for answers 20 years ago.   Despite its many strengths Western Medicine did not give me all the answers.

I have met many people in my practice and my life that are trying to deal with health challenges or are suffering from major upsets in their  lives due to high levels of stress or ‘dis-ease’.

I have sat down with cancer patients in their shock and fear and helped them get the medical treatment they needed.  Even though they might be getting great results they kept returning to me with concerns and worries.  I said to myself there had to be more I could do to help them.

I had to first find some answers to the key questions:

  • What is disease really?
  • Why is it showing up for this person at this time in his/her life?

If I was going to help my patients get well, I had to first know why they were getting sick.

After a number of years of searching and studying,  with doctors and others, I did get some answers that have made it possible for me to show people a way that leads out of fear and into surviving, toward well-being and healing.

I have come to understand that the natural response of the body to any illness is to heal.  Fear, unresolved emotional trauma, misperceptions and beliefs inhibit healing.   From my study of various modalities of healing, I have learned several simple and powerful tools and processes to help patients uncover and release these blocks to the body’s natural healing.

I have marveled at and been touched by the results my patients have experienced.

  • a woman released a crippling pattern of migraines with just one session.
  • a woman who had suffered 14 years of pain, fatigue and poor sleep with fibromyalgia regained her full health in less than 6 months.
  • a young man with stomach cancer who got maximum medical treatment and was still given at best one year to live,  has been living well and cancer-free for  the last 14 years.

I have no choice but to share this knowledge with as many as I possibly can.

I have been giving monthly and twice monthly evening presentations for the last several years.  I have facilitated one-day and a full weekend workshop to provide participants a direct experience of self-healing practices.   I provide private consultations.

I have been a speaker at the following conferences -

  • Spirit Heals Conference, May 29th 2009,  Victoria, BC

Topic -  ‘Healing: A spiritual inquiry – moving toward wellness one question at a time’   -

  • It’s Time to Heal, May 1st , 2010, at UBC, Vancouver, BC – visionary, organizer and speaker along with Dr. Bruce Lipton, healers, and other physicians –
  • 56th Scientific Assembly of the Alberta College of Family Physicians, February, 2011, Banff, Alberta -  workshop presenter – ‘What is Disease? – Toward an Expanded Model of Disease and Patient Empowerment’
  • 4th Annual Cancer Prevention and Healing Event, for the Health Action Network Society, April 26th, 2011, Burnaby, BC

Topic -  ‘What is Cancer? – Toward an Expanded View of Cancer and Patient Empowerment’  -


I believe we are each our own healer.  Healing is both the process and the result of coming into a more wholesome relationship with ourselves,  and ultimately requires a shift in how we feel and think.  With every healing there is a change in our perspective and  inner dialogue.

Your body speaks for you when you don’t speak up for yourself.

My passion is to help people move out of fear and become empowered to contribute to their own healing.

I am here to support you in your own healing journey in whatever way you may need.

Best of health,

 ~ Nelie Johnson MD