Message of Healing

Greetings.  Hope you enjoyed a wonderful May long weekend.  We had splendid weather here on the west coast.  I just came in from a late afternoon bike ride (May 18th).  Earlier on the weekend I did a brisk, 2-hour hike.

You guessed it – I am in training again for a week of mountaineering and hiking in the Rockies this summer.   What plans do you have for holidays this year?

Letting you know of my activities in the next month.  I am an exhibitor at the Health Action Network Society’s annual conference on cancer prevention and healing, Saturday, June 6th.  The speaker is a young man that was one of the invited speakers at May 1st Forum 2010 – It’s Time to Heal – that I set up and co-presented at myself.  (

Here’s a link with details on the HANS event - .  Look forward to seeing you there.

I have been very much involved with getting my message of healing out there.  I have been working with several new clients and they are getting great insights and breakthrough results.   I have also updated my one-day workshop into a 2-day weekend healing experience.  (No date yet for the next event but keep in touch and let me know of your interest.)

The article this month is drawn from experiences I have had with several clients.  The case study is a composite of a few these experiences.

Again thank you for your interest and your support.   Please share this information with others.   I welcome your comments  on Facebook.