New Year With Promise of Good Health, the Fulfillment of Dreams, and Happy Times

I am delighted to send you my first newsletter of 2015.  I trust you have had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  We didn’t have a white Christmas here on the west coast but we did have some brilliant sunny days for walks and outings.

I hope you are excited and looking forward to the New Year with promise of good health, the fulfillment of dreams, and happy times.  The article this month is based on a Ted talk I watched on New Year’s Day and is a wonderful invitation to reflect on happiness.   I hope you will feel as inspired by this young man’s talk as I have been.

I am excited about the forward direction that I am taking this year with sharing my message of healing.  As mentioned in the November newsletter I am giving complimentary talks later this month – “How to Develop a Healing Mindset to Meet Your Health Challenges”.   Please sign up online for one of these sessions Jan 27 & Jan 29 and pass along the info to others you know may benefit.  Be sure to ask them to register online as well.

Also I have a weekend workshop “Breakthroughs in Healing” scheduled for later in February.    Watch for more information.

Thank you for your interest and your support.   Together it is possible to break the cycle of fear and helplessness and support ourselves and others to become empowered as healers.

Here’s to creating our happiest and healthiest New Year,