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Recommended Resources

There are a number of books and resources that Dr. Nelie Johnson recommends which cover aspects of the work of Awareness Heals as well as the topic of healing in general. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Send an email to to ask about specific resources.

(DVD)It’s Time to Heal Breast Cancer

Going From Surviving to Healing

Featured Book – Inspirational True Stories

This book went to #1 bestseller in three categories on the first day of the book’s launch last week for good reason. It is simply so inspiring and full of common wisdom to support you in whatever challenges you may be meeting in any area of your life – health, relationships, finances, career, self identity. These are true life stories of people who met their challenges and found ways to overcome them. You will be inspired and supported by their example.

General Healing

This book by Vancouver naturopath, Dr. Manon Bolliger, is a brilliant and insightful conversation about the emerging understanding of disease, especially chronic pain, and the mind-body connection and healing. A “must read” by patients and doctors alike toward enhancing communication and developing a beneficial cooperative team.
Good opener to the topic of healing although still holds a slightly limited ‘medical view’
Quantum Healing, Creating Health and other books by Deepak Chopra , MD

Biology, Belief and the New Healing Paradigm

This leading edge book details the evidence of the power of our beliefs. We become what we believe: this is the core foundation principle of the new paradigm in healing.
Foremost researcher in cellular biology describes the scientific evidence for the effect of emotions on the physical body.
Stress and suppressed emotions are major factors in the onset of all chronic disease. Along with case studies, Dr. Mate offers steps to move from despair toward hope and healing.
A simple, accessible and powerful self-healing process that has been endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Dr. Johnson has trained with the author and includes this approach among several that she uses in her own practice.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

This book gives a very simple and yet powerful way to communicate that avoids judgement and criticism or defensiveness and helps to resolve conflict. What is offered is a heart-centred, responsive and compassionate way to ask for what you need and to listen to others. I am always recommending this book.
An easy to use and very effective introductory book on identifying communication, listening ‘gliches’ and learning a ‘heart-centered’ communication style.
This is a classic for anyone needing support to uncover and release family traumas and conditioning and also find compassion and forgiveness.
For getting out of the cycles of ‘co-dependent’ caring and efforts to ‘fix’ others. Practical and effective.

Self-Inquiry, Emotional Release and Healing

An effective method to identify the thoughts and feelings that cause suffering and how to change or release them.
A guide for the inner journey of exploring unconscious thoughts and feelings and a process of healing (based on the author’s own healing experience).
Daily readings to inspire thoughtful reflection about life. A precious gem of a book that invites the reader to glean value from even the toughest circumstances and reveals how one can find joy, peace, and beauty in everyday moments. Having faced the threat of cancer in his life, the author brings sensitivity and depth to the writing.
The title says it all. Loving yourself is fundamental to all healing.