Dr. Nelie is a keynote speaker and offers talks and workshops founded on leading edge medical advancements and scientific research, these include the impact of unconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions on our health.   You get the benefit of Dr. Nelie Johnson’s 30+ years of conventional and alternative medical training plus the advantages inherent in an interactive group setting.

Dr. Nelie delivers her message of healing in the following formats.

I  Teleclasses and evening seminars - 

If you are asking yourself –

  • Why am I sick and what can I do to get better?
  • How can I make the most of medical treatment?
  • How can I take back control of my life after a discouraging diagnosis?
  • What can I do to support a loved one who is ill?

- be sure to join Dr. Nelie Johnson for one of her free teleclasses or evening seminars.

Next FREE teleclass and seminar:

3 Powerful Things You Can Do When Cancer hits

         to  Take Back Control of Your Life

***No seminars or teleclasses currently scheduled; however you are invited to create your own teleseminar event.  See Keynote Speaking below.

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II  Teleseminar series – TBA

III  Keynote speaking - 

Are you a member of a group?  Are you or any of your associates looking for someone who can speak on a health related topic?  Dr. Nelie Johnson is a skilled, knowledgeable and engaging speaker.  She can vary her talk from 30 to 90 minutes.  Half day and full day workshops can be offered as well.

Here is a list of possible topics –

  • 3 Powerful Things you can do when Cancer hits to Take Back control of Your Life’
  • 3 Powerful Things you can do when you become sick to regain your Health
  • Joy for the Health of It – why it is important to tap into Joy for a lifetime of vibrant health
  • What Women Need to Know about Breast Health and early diagnosis of Breast Cancer
  • The Essentials of Mind-Body Medicine
  • Breast Health and Breast Cancer -  toward real understanding and healing
  • What is disease?
  • What is cancer?
  • Heart Disease – getting to the ‘heart’ of common cardiovascular diseases
  • Depression – an uplifting perspective
  • What is the message of MS, ALS, Fibromyalgia (any disease) ?
  • Getting lighter about  the Weight issue

Please contact info@awarenessheals.ca to inquire about a speaking engagement with Nelie.