Read what others have said about their experience working with Dr. Johnson

I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your help in guiding me through the process of healing from some very old wounds which I continually accessed on a very regular basis without even realizing it. This repetitive, stressful action and intensity caused my body, mind and spirit a great deal of harm which eventually led to the breakdown of my body in many ways including cancer.

Your company name of “Awareness Heals” is very appropriately named. I have been involved with other self-help transitioning type programs where I was taught different processes but none of them were as effective as your program. I knew you had something ‘special’ when I attended your weekend workshop and I knew I needed to continue working with you on a one on one basis to clean up the damage I had so inadvertently created.

Through your gentle guidance and my hard work I did manage to discover so much valuable information and ultimately I really did ‘get it’ which led to the knowledge I needed to acquire to really heal. I felt it right to my core. I knew where I had been, where I was now and what I needed to do to finally heal from the roots of my illness and all the devastation it had caused in my life for many years. It was and still continues to be a very enlightening experience. I have learned so much and for that I will always feel eternally grateful—you gave me my life back!!

DonnaCroppedDonna M.,
Former Business Owner
Chilliwack, BC

I went thinking the evening would be a wasted evening. Then at the seminar, hearing of other people’s experience, something resonated that there could be something in this approach. I was absolutely astonished by what I heard. It just rang true. By the end of the evening I did a 180 turn around and I signed up that evening for private consultations with Dr. Johnson. In the next few months, I healed 14 years of pain, fatigue and distress of fibromyalgia.”

Kathy Stubley, Maple Ridge

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I am grateful for all the insights and learning …”

R. S., Langley

“I appreciated very much Nelie’s clarity and patience in guiding us and giving us the tools to explore our deepest issues and needs.”

J. R., White Rock

“In her seminar, Dr. Johnson opened the way to the next level of awareness and understanding for which I had been searching for more than 30 years. A precious opportunity for healing an intermittently crippling and painful condition became available to me. Since attending Dr. Johnson’s one-day workshop, the condition dissolved immediately and has never recurred. I have freedom and release from the pain and the anxiety that came with it. My life has been transformed and I am so grateful.”

D.S., Maple Ridge (participant in one-day workshop)

“If you want to unpeel the emotional onions of your life that cause physical distress, this is a good place to start.”

K. O., Surrey

“This workshop [Keys to Your Healing] is an excellent way to deepen your understanding … in a way the evening presentations cannot. It confirmed that this is an area I want to always enhance my life.”

K. S., Maple Ridge

“I was helped to find the key themes to clear a chronic depression and many years of insomnia within a few months. My sleep was restored and I found an amazing ‘lightness of being’.”

L. J., retired postal worker, Maple Ridge, B.C.

I was suffering from very severe arthritis in my hands, which was so painful that at times I could no longer hold hands with my spouse. I participated in the full one-day healing workshop and subsequently had three private sessions with Nelie. As I began to discover what painful emotional experiences had led into this health issue, the pain receded, and to my astonishment, my fingers began to straighten out! I still occasionally experience pain in one or two fingers, but I am able to stop what I am doing, tune into what I’m feeling, and to the (healing) work I need to get back on track.”

M. G., retired school teacher, Mission, B.C.

Participating in counseling with Dr. Nelie Johnson has brought me not only physical healing but a fuller life. I was suffering from three days-long migraines two or three times a month. After the first session my migraines reduced to no more than one a month and were less severe. Now the only time I get a hint of a migraine is when I am delving into the emotions which have fueled it. This is temporary and goes away in a few hours. The new energy and positive outlook that I have is priceless, a huge bonus to go along with the healing from migraines.

Not only is Nelie a very gifted guide in counseling, she has shown me how to continue my therapy on my own. The times between sessions can be almost as productive as the sessions themselves. I am very grateful that a friend told me about Dr. Johnson’s work.

Everyone could benefit from this experience

Marleen Caswell, part-time health clinic receptionist and wife and mother,
Maple Ridge, B.C.

“I felt like Oh, my God, maybe I haven’t been given a death sentence.

I was in shock, trying to understand something I couldn’t understand. (With this information) you gave me a whole different perspective, which allowed me the possibility of healing rather than see it (cancer) as this horrid thing. At first, it felt like I’d fallen into a deep dark hole and you brought light there.You gave me a different perspective and tools to help me start working through and with my fears and incredible stress and to remember that my body is not the enemy. You revealed to me what my body was trying to tell me and how I could understand its message. You held a space for me to help me hear my own voice and regain some balance getting past the first terrifying weeks after this diagnosis.”

Sandra, Vancouver, BC – ductal breast cancer diagnosed January 2010. Treated with surgery. Adjuvent therapies not tolerated. (private consultations over the phone)
October 2010

“Being able to put it (cancer) in perspective in a different way, helped me to see that I didn’t need to be haunted by the data and statistics. I really appreciated that my cancer had an emotional base to it and once that was gone, it (the cancer)would be gone. It didn’t have to be that I would always have it, it could be gone. (This knowledge) helped me to be at peace.”

(What would you say to other women with breast cancer?) “Remember there are many more parts to cancer than the medical facts. Be sure to pay attention to the emotional factors that are at play. Take care of yourself on a spiritual and emotional level, and get support in talking your emotions out and uncovering their source.”

Marg H.,Paradise Valley, BC – locally advanced inflammatory breast cancer) in November 2007. (one-day workshop)
October 2010,

‘Learning to look at the impact of an event, not just the story of the event. I am hopeful now – there is a light at the end of the tunnel.’

Karen Garland, Burnaby, BC (participated in one-day workshop)

“I went to see Dr. Nelie only twice but I experienced a profound change in the way I think about myself. For 30 years I have pursued better mental health and there were areas where I was stuck. With her amazing therapeutic presence, I was able to reconcile a profound grief and anger … I am so very grateful.”

Catherine, Maple Ridge, BC (private consultations)
September 2010

“I have had ocd for over 15 years. Dr. Johnson has given me the tools to finding the answers within myself that helped me move towards wellness and wholeness. The healing came about as I was able to let go of the negative thinking that was blocking me. I am so thankful to say that I am hardly affected by the ocd at this time.”

LS, Mission, BC (one-day workshop and private consultations)
June 2010

“I tell people that cancer is not a death sentence. It’s a life sentence. Cancer taught me so much about life at a very young age – of what’s really important – family – and to really appreciate the important things. What you did (Dr. Johnson) was to go after the cause. There had to be a reason for the cancer. You showed me what I could do to help myself. I am so very grateful. You helped me get my life back and to really learn how to hold on to it.”

C.C., Maple Ridge