The Many Gifts of Healing

Whenever most of us think of healing we think of the health and well-being of the person who heals from an illness and perhaps the relief for his/her family and friends and community. However, there are other surprising gifts of healing.

Here’s an example of what I mean. I worked with a patient, ‘ Jennifer’, who had suffered the pain, low energy and mood, and poor sleep of fibromyalgia for many years. I helped her to uncover and clear the deep underlying conflicts that were holding her in the disease state. Within a few months she was able to make shifts in her beliefs and her perspective of herself. As Jennifer healed emotionally, her physical health was restored.

However, that was just the beginning, for as she healed in mind and spirit, her interactions with her family changed. She was able to speak up and clear unspoken resentments and hurts that had been keeping her apart from family members. As she opened up communication, she paved the way for other family members to do the same. She created a climate of forgiveness and reconnection. As she restored these relationships, her family as a whole benefited.

Jennifer shared with me that she marvelled how her whole family, especially her children and husband, seemed happier, more expressive and relaxed following her own healing.

Within families we are connected in quite astonishing ways. When one family member makes a positive shift, and without speaking of it, other family members benefit. I have had my own experience of this phenomenon and witnessed similar ripple effects of one person’s healing on the whole family. When we heal ourselves, others around us get it at an energetic, subconscious level. We release those closest to us to heal as well, in their own way.

I say to parents that the best way to help their children is to attend to healing their own hurts, resentments, and unhappiness. When the parents heal, the children get it at a subconscious level.

peruvianfamilyPeruvian family – June 2012

Also as children of our own parents we can open paths to our own healing through exploring our family tree. We can gain insight into the conflicts and life challenges of our parents and our grandparents that have affected us at a subconscious level. With awareness of these influences, we have the opportunity to let them go and heal. Study of the family tree is a very powerful tool for self-healing.

The greatest gift we have to give to others is our own best health and joy – the best and truest version of ourselves.


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