Thoughts for the New Year

We are already into the third week of January 2019! I do hope you had good times with family and friends over the holiday season.

I don’t know about you but I found myself after the busyness of Christmas and New Year’s in a bit of a slump. As I looked back over 2018 I felt a little flat. I had not done all I wanted to do. I didn’t feel I made the most of the year.

As I looked forward into the New Year, I felt somewhat anxious about measuring up to my expectations and the goals I had set for myself. The year loomed rather long and challenging. It didn’t help that I had taken on a number of new projects toward the end of 2018 and was feeling rather overwhelmed and unfocused. A part of me wanted to pull back and stay in my comfort zone to avoid any risk of putting myself out there, so to speak. Ever felt that way?

But then I met a former patient of mine, Steve (not his name) who I guided through a bout with cancer for which he had been given at best a year to live. He had a second challenge with a different cancer about 15 years later. However, I had left my practice and had not been involved in his care at that time and I had not seen him for a number of years.

So when Steve saw me in the grocery store over the holidays, he called out to me and shared that he was clear for the second cancer and was very well and healthy. He looked terrific. He was alive and well 20 years after been given the original prognosis of a year at best with the first cancer. I had been a part of giving him his life back ! I was in awe at what he had accomplished with my guidance and how it was possible to defy the odds.

Meeting Steve that day gave me a boost and had me realize I had slipped into effort and seeing the glass half empty. I had forgotten to remind myself of the many successes over the years. I also got how important it was to monitor my mindset and keep resetting it as needed.


Sunrise over the Fraser at Maple Ridge, BC

I have found getting out in nature or reading inspiring writing or watching uplifting, heart-centred videos are helpful to keep a healthy focus in my life. And you never know when or where you will find inspiration. Just last week I was cycling on the dyke near my home and stopped at a bench which had this writing on a memorial plaque.

Enjoy the beauty around you.
Have the courage to see things differently.
Make the world a better place one day at a time,
and don’t let go of the important things
that give meaning to your life.

What more is there to say.

Wishing you the best of health throughout the New Year.