Which ‘world’ are you living in?

Early one morning as I entered my bathroom, I noticed that all the objects appeared in shades of grey.  I could not recognize any colour.   There was just not enough light to bring out colour.

I had a flash of insight!   Just as when there is not enough light, our world appears dark and grey, when we don’t have enough knowledge – ‘light’ – we tend to see things as black or white.  When we don’t have enough of the truth – ‘colour’ – to make informed decisions, we risk making assumptions and false conclusions.

When I look at all the approaches to health care, there seems to be two worlds operating, one that is black and white, relying on a limited view of disease and its causes; the other accessing a full spectrum of ‘colour’ – the mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical elements.

Western Medicine is predominately in a black and white world, whereas many of the complementary and alternative modalities are utilizing a broader range of options or ‘colours’.

My vision is for people to embrace the full range of possibilities for their health and healing and to position themselves as a central expert – the individual who holds the keys to finding patterns of stress and ‘dis-ease’ and to self-healing.

I have been straddling both worlds for much of my medical career.  I want to now focus on contributing more single-mindedly to bringing the light of healing knowledge to expand people’s awareness of the world of colour – the world of self-healing, of the enormous and immediate potential for healing.

Which world are you living in?  Is it one of colour or black and white?


Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

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