Weekend Healing Experiences

The Awareness Heals series of workshops is the result of leading edge medical advancements and scientific research that include the impact of unconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions on our health. The series provides the benefit of Dr. Nelie Johnson’s 30+ years of conventional and alternative medical training plus the advantages inherent in an interactive group setting.

Upcoming Healing Experiences

2 day workshop  – Saturday & Sunday

  Breakthroughs in Healing: From Fear and Suffering to Relief and Empowerment

This highly effective, interactive small group workshop is ideal for the person who knows he/she needs more than medical and alternative treatments; understands the impact of mental, emotional and spiritual factors on physical health and well-being; and is ready to take action. (More details and registration procedure soon to be posted.)

The workshop will:

  • help you identify the recurring patterns in your life and the areas that most need your attention.
  • give you experience with using tools and processes to begin opening your emotional story.
  • support you on the first steps of your healing journey toward feeling sense of relief that you can regain health and happiness
  • feel lighter and less burdened and stressed, more energetic, relaxed and alive.

Location:  tba
Dates:  tba
Cost: tba

Testimonials:  for Breakthroughs in Healing (formerly a one-day workshop)

“Just finished a day long healing workshop with Dr. Nelie Johnson.  It was a great day with a clear presentation and lots of practical exercises , stories and sharing.  I came away with the strong belief and conviction that although I carry traumas, I also have the potential to heal the past and moment by moment.  I would certainly recommend this work shop to anyone interested in their own healing.”

Tony Joyce, assistant at naturopathic clinic, Vancouver BC

“ Dr. Nelie Johnson’s workshop was full of valuable information and wonderful insight.  It was a day full of revelation, self discovery, and self empowerment.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be in the driver’s seat in one’s own healing journey.“

G. Lee,  engineer,  BC

II   Awareness Heals Intensive

Of special interest for health care professionals.

The workshop offers an in depth look at the major concepts of mind-body awareness that make up the foundation of Dr Nelie’s work and is developed for health care practitioners who seek to learn some basics to give them powerful direction in their own work with their clients.

Interested individuals also welcome.

As a participant you will come away with a deep understanding of:

  •     why and how people get sick
  •     the two phases of disease
  •     the conditions needed for healing
  •     the major obstacles to healing
  •     the major core message of several common diseases
  •     the role of memory and awareness in disease and healing
  •     health promotion and disease prevention

There will be opportunities for questions to address your specific health concerns and some one-on-one interaction with the facilitator to provide support for your own healing.

Location:  as per needs of the participants
Dates:  tba
Cost:  tba